About Aikido

      Aikido - Japanese martial art which gains more and more popularity in the world. It's connecting body and mind. Aikido is considered as a martial art without fight, in which elements of psychology and philosophy are connected. Smoothness, precision and effectiveness of motion afford that well trained man is able to defeat a few opponents. Aikido

      The whole expression can be translated as " the way to harmony with the universe". In technical regard AIKIDO is a martial art, which is based on using the impetus of enemy against himself. It is achieved by using levers and throws without focusing on strikes and kicks.

      AIKIDO is a dynamic martial art, which puts pressure on motion and movement of the body. The Founder of AIKIDO was Morihei Ueshiba (who lived in 14.12.1883-26.04.1969). Morihei UeshibaMorihei Ueshiba trained and received masterly certificates in over 32 martial arts. A great influence on arising and forming present AIKIDO had the study of different variety of ju-jitstu and fencing (both bokken, jo and spear). But the greatest influence on Morihei Ueshiba - especially his way to form his own martial art - had the meeting in 1911 with master Sokaku Takeda who used the word AIKI for the first time in the art he pioneered. He changed "Daito-ryu jujutsu" by adding the prefix "aiki" into "Daito-ryu aikijujutsu". A great number of technical elements present in AIKIDO have been borrowed from this art. A very important meaning for the evaluation of AIKIDO'S philosophy had meeting the leader and creator of religion Omoto-kyo who appeared on Ueshiba`s path of live. To master Ueshiba, who was interested in studying the spiritual thought since his early childhood, instructions of Deguchi were very influential. The philosophical foundations present AIKIDO as an instrument that expands peace and harmony on all levels of human existence. The word "aikido" was used for the first time to name the martial art pioneered by Morihei Ueshiba in 1942 because of the necessity to nomenclature all present japanese martial art (also AIKIDO). One of the fundamental laws of AIKIDO, which was preferred by Morihei Ueshiba, is lack of sporting rivalry. The person on whom the techniques are done is treated as a "partner" who should help us to improve ourselves, we shouldn't treat him as an "enemy". After all you shouldn't forget that Aikido is a martial art and all the techniques formally were supposed to save life at all cost - without thinking about health and life of our enemy.       In Aikido the only form of presentation is the demonstration of techniques (embu) and exams are the revision of our abilities. At present there are a lot of varieties of Aikido Martial Art

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